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Call for Applications for ADP’s Inaugural Student Advisory Council Exec. Board

By Stephanie South

As we shared with you before we left for the American Democracy Project’s national meeting in Denver, ADP is looking to establish a National Student Advisory Council that will offer students’ voices a conduit from our campuses to us here in Washington, DC. This Council will be comprised of current undergraduate/graduate students at AASCU member institutions participating in ADP, and it will be steered by an Executive Board, made up of a smaller group of the same students, who will offer leadership to their ADP peers across the country. At the annual conference, during webinars held throughout the year, and online, they will facilitate exchanges of ideas on current issues, various ADP-related topics and campus/national initiatives, programs and events. Students serving as a member of the National Student Advisory Council or the Executive Board will have the opportunity to hold a leadership role with AASCU’s ADP and build their 21st Century Skills!

If you had a chance to attend the info session at the national meeting, you already know we are currently accepting applications for this Executive Board, which will help us build and steer the larger National Student Advisory Council. However, if you did not, you can direct any questions you might have to me at

The application, which is due back to us July 12, 2013 (we extended the original July 1 deadline), can be found here.

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