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New Tool for Your Campus’ Student Elections

EveryVote ScreenshotEveryVote University is a free service that makes it easy for any student organization to post election information and candidate biographies online. The goal is to increase voter turnout in university elections by helping student organizations improve their outreach over social media.

EveryVote election pages are fully-functional on computer, tablet, and mobile devices, and no web design skills are needed to create a page.

To see a sample EveryVote election page, click here.

EveryVote was recently used by Northern Illinois University’s Student Association, and will be used for NIU’s Homecoming King and Queen election, to be held on October 9th. To view the NIU Student Association election page, click here.

If your school or student organization would like to share election information online, you can create your own pages now at, or email to find the personalized help to get you get started.

An Opportunity for Tomorrow: The State of Student Voting

The State of Student Voting: From Shelby County to North Carolina
Tuesday, September 10
2 to 3 p.m. ET

 We are organizing a call to examine the state of student voting.
Please RSVP to

Student participation was strong in 2012, but going forward there will be a number of challenges to maintaining or increasing youth participation. In 2014, new restrictions will be in place, there won’t be the election buzz of a presidential election, and fewer resources will be devoted to turning out students. To avoid the dramatic drop off we saw in 2010, students need information about rule changes, how to comply, and registration and voting procedures. To effectively communicate all of this information, institutions of higher education and student organizations also need to join the effort.

Please join the Fair Elections Legal Network’s Campus Vote Project tomorrow, Tues., Sept. 10 from 2 – 3 p.m., EDT for a discussion on the state of student voting. The call will feature speakers from Fair Elections Legal Network, Campus Vote Project, the Bus Federation and Rock the Vote and will highlight:

  • A review of Shelby County, other major court decisions, and recent legislation impacting student voters;
  • What may be on the horizon;
  • Successful efforts by colleges and students to promote and protect student voting; and
  • Messaging and other efforts, such as National Voter Registration Day, that will help engage students during the off year while preparing for an important 2014 election cycle.

This call is intended to move the conversation toward 2014. Campus Vote Project is planning a strategy meeting, early next year, to explore different topics concerning student voters. Through your participation in this presentation and discussion, we hope to identify the issues and topics that would be most useful to address at the 2014 winter conference.

To RSVP or if you have questions, please email Erica Evans at

#CelebrateNVRD on Tuesday, September 24!

NVRD I'm Registered Sticker

Use this graphic to create stickers, buttons and other giveaways to create awareness for NVRD 2013

September is going to be a busy month: back-to-school, Labor Day, Constitution Day and the second annual National Voter Registration Day.

National Voter Registration Day (NVRD), a non-partisan effort, is Tuesday, September 24, 2013; mark your calendars!

Last year, over 300,000 Americans registered to vote through NVRD partner locations and websites. In just a few short weeks, volunteers and organizations from all over the country will once again hit the streets for this important civic event. This single day of coordinated field, technology and media efforts will create pervasive awareness of voter registration opportunities.

Youth participation in elections drops sharply in off-year and mid-term elections, but college and university administrators, faculty, staff and students can help to reverse that trend. Registering to vote and updating registration information regularly is essential to increasing electoral participation of college students because they are often first-time voters who move frequently.

Will your campus participate?

To get involved, first you should sign up to participate in National Voter Registration Day by clicking Partner with Us at

Then you should consider helping to organize a voter registration event on your campus or link your existing event to NVRD to take advantage of the many resources the coalition has to offer and to see your event listed on the NVRD national map.

You will find additional resources, including samples and communications to leverage in the National Voter Registration Day Communications Toolkit, which can be found at

Lastly, you can take advantage of two calls in the beginning of September. The first will be regarding communications at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT on Monday, September 9, 2013. The second will be about voter registration events and will be held at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT on Wednesday, September 11, 2013. These are great opportunities to get questions answered and brainstorm about your participation in NVRD. To participate in either of these calls, go to and enter 3578683 in the Participant Access Code box on the top left-side of the page. To get audio along with the webinar, call (866) 740-1260 and enter 3578683#.

For more information about National Voter Registration Day, contact Dan Vicuna at or go to   

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