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Engage the Election 2016: NVRD is Sept. 27th & State Guides

Beginning to make plans for registering students to vote in the November 2016 elections?

Become an National Voter Registration Day Partner

National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) is a nonpartisan, 50-state holiday when thousands of organizations and volunteers work together to register voters. As a partner, ADP is encouraging our campuses to sign up as partners for NVRD. By signing up now, you can receive stickers, posters and a toolkit to help your school or organization be an active participant on Tuesday, September 27th. Note: Sign up by July 1st!

CVP’s 2016 Student Guides Are Now Available

Every year our partners at FELN’s Campus Vote Project (CVP) update materials that administrators, faculty and students can use to clarify the deadlines, rules, and frequently asked questions about registering and voting in their state. Their student voting guides for all 50 states and DC for 2016 are updated and available on their website. Visit the CVP website for student voting guides and other useful materials you can use leading up to election day on Tuesday, November 8.


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