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Partner Spotlight: Student Scholarships for NCoC Annual Conference

NCoC logoVoices of students are essential in discussions of issues of concern to this country.  In order to ensure appropriate representation of our nation’s young people, NCoC (The National Conference on Citizenship) is making scholarships available for its 2017 Annual Conference on Citizenship being held at the Washington Court Hotel in Washington, DC on October 19-20, 2017.

If you wish to access scholarships, please RSVP to Kristin Cotter at   as soon as possible to let her know how many scholarships you are requesting.  She will contact you regarding the registration process.  A timely response is important as scholarships will be awarded on a first come, first served basis

With a focus on strengthening civic life in America, the conference will take an honest look at some of the critical issues facing communities today – from a dearth of civic learning, to the raging opiate epidemic, to the persistent opportunity gap confronting our nation’s students in marginalized communities.  It is important for us to include students who are deeply committed to the civic health and renewal of our communities – or are interested in learning more about this possibility – and who recognize that the path forward must be taken together.

Click here to learn about the National Conference on Citizenship and the conference.

ADP in the News | August 10, 2017 Edition

ADP in the News is a compilation of brief updates about American Democracy Project (ADP) activities at participating colleges and universities and is a semi-regular news feature on our blog. Below you will find the latest edition of this series.

If you have an ADP event you’d like posted in this format, please email

Illinois State University (ISU) Students in Washington, D.C.
As part of the 2017 Civic Engagement Trip, nine students from Illinois State University (ISU) got to visit Washington D.C. and experience the government of the United States in action. ISU’s American Democracy Project (ADP) supports the annual trip and ADP’s national manager, Jen Domagal-Goldman, had the chance to speak to the students about the organization. Students also got to meet various politicians, hear from ISU alumni, network with graduate students and D.C. lobbyists and, of course, take tours of the national monuments. Find more information about their trip and some pictures here.

New Central Michigan University Initiative
As part of its overall community engagement strategy, Central Michigan University recently launched the Office of Business Engagement, a new initiative to interact with and aid the CMU community with business initiation and growth. Through the Office of Business Engagement individuals have the opportunity to get connected with CMU’s network of prepared and committed students, find research partners, use one of CMU’s educational or professional development services, get help nourishing a new business, or invest with CMU. Find out more about CMU’s new Office of Business Engagement here.

Rutgers-Newark Professor on “Urban Universities” and Civic Responsibility
Steven Diner, a professor and former chancellor at Rutgers University, Newark, interviewed with Tim Goral at the University Business Magazine to talk about civic responsibility in higher education. Diner discussed the history of the term “urban universities”- once used derogatorily to refer to low-income, city-based institutions – and explained how institutions like these are now epicenters for education for civic responsibility. Diner’s new book, Universities and Their Cities: Urban Education in America (2017, Johns Hopkins University Press), addresses the ways in which urban universities are at the forefront of the movement to teach students civic engagement. Read the full interview here and purchase Steven Diner’s book here.

An Introduction to Dialogue and Deliberation | the eJournal of Public Affairs
The eJournal of Public Affairs, a partnership between the American Democracy Project and Missouri State University, recently published a piece by John J. Theis and Jose Vela from the Lone Star College-Kingwood in Kingwood, Texas. Theis and Vela collaborated on a written and visual introduction to the concept of dialogue and deliberation in order to highlight the work that Lone Star College’s Center for Civic Engagement has been doing to put dialogue and deliberation into action amongst its students. Read more about dialogue and deliberation and the Center for Civic Engagement’s work and watch Jose Vela’s engaging video here.

2017 Marine Plastics Innovation Challenge: Calling Graduate Students

Marine PlasticsStudents interested in solving the global problem of marine plastics can now submit ideas to a new competition organized by UN Environment and Think Beyond Plastic: the 2017 Marine Plastics Innovation Challenge.

Marine plastic is an economic, environmental, human health and aesthetic problem posing a multi-dimensional challenge to humanity, often compared to climate change in terms of impact, breadth, and complexity. In order to accelerate the search for solutions, UN Environment and Think Beyond Plastic are launching this challenge to engage university students and faculty in a solutions-oriented effort to help solve the global marine litter problem.

Deadline for entries is 6 October 2017. To participate, students need to be enrolled in a graduate or postgraduate program as of June 2017, be supported by a faculty member, and submit an entry in one or more of the following categories:

  1. Engineering and Design:  including innovations in materials, manufacturing processes, packaging design and related fields that result in a measurable reduction in marine plastic.
  2. Communication: including multimedia products, mobile apps, and innovative storytelling that raise awareness and inspire public action against marine plastics.
  3. Economics: including innovative methodologies to assess the economic impact of plastic pollution and/or develop new financial and business models to address market failures.
  4. Prediction and Recovery: including the development of analytical tools (algorithms, models, hotspot identification) to better capture and monitor data about plastic pollution and propose solutions.

The entries are judged on strength of innovation, impact on marine plastics, scale and feasibility, capacity to execute and completeness by a distinguished panel of experts in plastic pollution, economics, science, technology, entrepreneurship, communication and visual arts. One winner in each category will be announced at the Sixth International Marine Debris Conference in San Diego, California, (March 12-16, 2018) . Winners will have the chance to present their ideas at the conference and gain entry into the Think Beyond Plastic annual acceleration program.

For more information on judging criteria, or to enter the Innovation Challenge, visit:

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