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#ADPFF: 6.14.13

By Stephanie South, Program Associate, AASCU

Happy #ADPFF, all!

We’re coming to you from back in the District of Columbia today, but we just can’t seem to get over just how much #ADPTDC13 rocked our last week so…

I bring to you some of my personal favorite #ADPTDC13 tweets and pictures (full disclosure: there is a picture featuring me–that I didn’t take or post–and one of my own tweets that highlights how great our #ADPTDC students are).

From @jillgately: Testing out the photo booth props for Saturday night. They work! @sroshelle #adptdc13

From @jgately

From @peprsc: More Stockton spirit at #ADPTDC13


From @ShariBax: At what other academic conference do they provide tattoos? UCM is game. #adptdc13

From @Sassy_Audrey: ADP is building a student advisory council!! So excited to see a focus on student involvement! #adptdc13 @MoSantosPinacho @musicsuncoffee

From @SRoshelle: #adptdc13 has the coolest students EVER! Yes, we did the #cupidshuffle

Photo by Ryan Joy

From @molijuice44: I’ve learned more about civic engagement in one day than I have in a year. #adptdc13

From @DocPolitics: Re civic engagement “I’ve been forced to get more out of my life” yes!!! Best way to wrap this year’s conference #adptdc13

And, we didn’t get the chance to tweet this one but…How awesome is this shot of Amee Bearne, The Democracy Commitment’s National Coordinator, as she gets a spare in Wii the People bowling?

Photo by Ryan Joy

Photo by Ryan Joy

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