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Global Challenges Project Launches Version 2.0 of National Blended Curriculum

Over the next month, we will be showcasing cool curriculum happenings on our ADP campuses; some of these, like below, which may present new opportunities for our members.

By Shala Mills, National Coordinator, AASCU Global Challenges Project

AASCU’s Global Engagement Scholars were hard at work this summer updating Global Challenges: Promise and Peril in the 21st Century. The project takes inspiration from the Seven Revolutions framework created by one of Washington D.C.’s leading bipartisan think tanks, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, to examine key drivers of change likely to impact the world over the next 30 years.  Those trends are in the areas of population, resources, technology, information, economies, conflict, and governance.

The project’s goal is rooted in the mission of many of our AASCU institutions–educating globally competent citizens.  The Global Engagement Scholars, teaching faculty from various disciplines on 11 different AASCU campuses, used CSIS’s Seven Revolutions to frame a set of teaching resources that include:

  • Workshops and institutes (our 2013 Global Challenges Institute is happening in November)
  • A Teaching Toolkit ($20 for AASCU members)*
  • An all new Student Guide ($5)*
  • A newly revised National Blended Learning Course ($50/student)
  • An eBook ($14.99)

Although the national blended learning course has always included access to The New York Times digital content repository, the scholars are happy to announce an exciting addition to the 2013-14 course launch: the course is now bundled with a semester-long subscription to the on-line edition of the Times, providing more comprehensive access to news as it unfolds throughout the semester.

To learn more about the project, purchase one of the related publications, sign up for an upcoming institute or workshop, or register to use the blended learning course shell, visit the project’s website at


*These publications are now available in the AASCU bookstore.

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