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  1. Michelle, I am not sure if you recognize the impact you have had on others. Back when we first experimented with the ADP eCitizenship initiative (i.e., finding innovative ways to encourage civic engagement using electronic-type tools), we had a State of the Union Twitter Dialogue led by Francie Grace from New York. You were part of the first one; it was obvious you were willing to venture into this uncharted territory with interest and you did not shy away from the tough issues. Your comments and questions had a non-partisan and refreshingly civil tone to them. Others followed your lead and since then the tone has been similar, being civil and respectful. I always look forward to having you and other alums join in these campus discussions because it is common for students to be a bit overwhelmed and afraid of embarrassment. It was a real treat to have you come back to campus and share your experiences with voter registration. It encouraged current ADP students to do the same. You have made a bigger difference than you realize!


    January 30, 2013

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