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Free Evaluation Opportunity for Summer High Impact Global Learning Programs; Best Practices on Global Learning & Cooperative Development

By Eric Hartman, Editor & Co-Founder, and Assistant Professor, Kansas State University

globalls.jpgInstitutions and organizations advancing intercultural, civic, and critically reflective learning during summer programming (including summer programs that start with coursework during the spring term) are invited to participate in the 3rd Global Engagement Survey during Summer 2016. The Global Engagement Survey has proceeded with the support of the Henry Luce Foundation and a diverse array of university sponsors. Join this multi-institutional effort and have the (confidential) opportunity to compare your institution to the overall, mixed methods dataset. This is a rare opportunity for those of us who get excited by challenging ourselves and considering strengths and opportunities across institutional contexts. Participation is free for predominately first-generation or minority-serving institutions. Read further at the link and/or email Dr. Eric Hartman (emhartman(at)gmail(dot)com) with any questions.

Globalsl mobilizes research and best practices supporting partnerships for global learning and cooperative development. Visit the research database, teaching and partnership tools, or blog to learn more, or watch this brief video summary of Research Insights for Best Practice International Volunteering:

Research Insights for Best Practice International Volunteering from Kindea Labs on Vimeo.

Eric Hartman is editor of and an Assistant Professor in the Staley School of Leadership Studies at Kansas State University. He has published widely on global citizenship, global service-learning, and fair trade learning.

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