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ADP Campus Coordinators’ Corner: Shaping Our Future

By Gregg Kaufman, ADP Campus Coordinator, Georgia College

Shaping Our Future: How Should Higher Education Help Us Create the Society We Want? is a National Issues Forum issue book developed in conjunction with the American Commonwealth Project and as a deliberative forum aid to A National Call for Action: A Crucible Moment: College Learning & Democracy’s Future prepared by The National Task Force on Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement. The NIF web site ( offers free Shaping Our Future resources and a brief seven-minute introduction to the subject to use for deliberative forums.

How do we plan to use Shaping Our Future on our campuses and in the communities to which we relate? Is it possible to convene forums inclusive of citizens as well as college students, professors, and staff? NIF will collect feedback from forums across the country b using a convener/moderator survey form. In anticipation of the ADP Tenth Anniversary Meeting in Denver (June 6-8, 2013), it would be great to report that a healthy percentage of ADP campuses conducted forums and perhaps develop a presentation that would offer findings.

Please share your plans relative to incorporating Shaping Our Future into your 2012-13 ADP programming, by emailing Jen Domagal-Goldman, ADP National Manager at

Have a great year!

Campus Coordinators: The #ADP12 Afterglow

This blog post is the first in a series intended to spark conversations and collaboration between ADP Campus Coordinators. Thank you, Gregg, for launching this set of periodic posts. Are you a campus coordinator? Have ideas you want to share? Questions you want answered? Topics you want discussed? We invite guest blog posts and encourage discussion in the comments section!


Jen Domagal-Goldman, ADP National Manager


By Gregg Kaufman, ADP Campus Coordinator, Georgia College

July 4th fireworks at Siesta Key Beach near Sarasota, Fla.

The July 4thfireworks at Siesta Key Beach near Sarasota, Florida offer an interesting democratic metaphor. There are the “officially sanctioned” fireworks that are launched from the public beach, but the “citizen” pyrotechnic contributions illuminate the sky along the three-mile crescent beach that many rank the best in America. Consequently, families of many cultures and generations enjoy the holiday while their children and grandchildren wave glow sticks and sparklers. July 4th on Siesta Key is democracy unleashed.

An example of “citizen” pyrotechnics!

ADP Coordinators and colleagues are a month into the afterglow of ADP San Antonio and undoubtedly planning to launch the 2012-13 election-year programs. Much like the Siesta Key fireworks, a variety of initiatives are on the horizon. How will we engage campus communities in the 2012 election? How will we relate to the presidential debates? Will we dialogue with candidates and sponsor forums? Will young adults vote in greater numbers this year?

This occasional blog post series hopes to spark ADP coordinator conversation and sharing. Post observations, good ideas, questions, and let’s see what happens! Who knows, a virtual fireworks display might erupt!

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