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It Can Take As Little As Thirty Seconds, Seriously

Interested in learning more about ADP’s new Digital Polarization Initiative and cultivating civic web literacy skills? Read this latest blog post from our ADP Civic Fellow Mike Caulfield:


I talk about 90-second fact-checks and I think people think I’m a bit unhinged sometimes. What can students possibly do in that short amount of time that would be meaningful?

A lot, actually.

For example, this press release on some recent research was shared with me today:

eureka alert.PNG

Now I want to re-share this with people, but I’d like to be a good net citizen as well. Good net citizens:

  • Source-check what they share
  • Share from the best source possible
  • Provide source/claim context to people they share with when necessary

To do that in this case we need to get to the source of the press release, on a site controlled by the American Psychological Association directly, and share that version of this. We also need to check that the American Psychological Association is the credible organization that we think it is. How long will this take?

Literally thirty seconds, if…

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Student Opportunities

Two potential civic engagement opportunities of interest for undergraduate students. Note: These are not related to ADP. Please direct all questions to the appropriate programs.

Summer Service Scholars (SSS) is an academic internship program in New York’s State Capital through the Siena College Center for Academic Community Engagement. Accepted Summer Service Scholars spend 9 weeks with a nonprofit community partner in the Capital Region, working on projects that build capacity within the organization. SSS provides participants with engaging and valuable experience working with nonprofits, and an opportunity to engage in conversations about social justice with a cohort of other students interested in making a difference in the community.

In conjunction with their full-time service, participants enroll in a Siena College course, Internships in Community Development, for 0-6 credits, meeting once a week on Siena’s campus for seminars that focus on professional and community development. Scholars have the opportunity to utilize on-campus housing at Siena, and can apply to a competitive stipend pool once accepted to the program.

Priority Application Deadline: February 19, 2018
Final Application Deadline: March 19, 2018
Program Start Date: May 22, 2018
Program End Date: July 20, 2018

Apply Here

For more information visit our webpage or reach out to Katie Zyniecki at for more information.


The William & Mary Office of Community Engagement is now accepting applications for our 2018-19 public service fellowships:

  • ·       Fellow for Alternative Breaks
  • ·       Fellow for Local Engagement
  • ·       Fellow for Education Programs
  • ·       Housing Fellow

Recent college graduates have the opportunity to serve for 9 months in Williamsburg, VA. Three of those positions are based in our office and focus on engaging students in the work of active citizenship through student advising and program oversight. The fourth fellowship is community-based, increasing the capacity of local non-profit Housing Partnerships Inc.

The 18-19 fellows will serve from August 6, 2018- May 3, 2019. They will receive a stipend as well as free housing in our graduate complex.

To learn more visit our fellowship page. Review begins March 1.

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