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Call for Submissions: JEE Special Issue on Social Justice in Experiential Education

The Editor and Editorial Board of the Journal of Experiential Education (JEE) invite article submissions for a special issue on Social Justice in Experiential Education, tentatively scheduled for publication in March, 2019. Associate Editor Dr. Karen Warren (Hampshire College) will be acting Editor for this special issue. Submissions from established and emerging scholars are welcome. View the Call for Submissions.

Changing demographics, economics, and social climates have situated social justice as a key concern within the experiential education community.  Issues of equity, accessibility, and liberation challenge theorists and practitioners to seek new directions in transforming experiential education programs. Prior scholarship has established diversity, equity, and representation as ethical and practical imperatives in experiential education. This special issue will contribute to the ongoing dialogue about these or other social justice concerns in adventure/wilderness, service learning, therapeutic, classroom, and community-based settings. In addition to empirical methodologies, rigorous conceptual submissions that expand theory and practice of social justice in experiential education are encouraged.

Topics to guide submissions include but are not limited to:

  • Intersectionality of race, class, gender, and other identities including ecological identity
  • Decolonization scholarship, practice, and activism in experiential education
  • Critiques using queer theory, post-structural feminism, and critical theory
  • Reconceptualizing meanings of outdoor spaces and concepts of adventure and risk
  • Cultural competency training, education and leadership development
  • White privilege and white fragility
  • Critically reflexive experiential education research
  • Understanding the role of socioeconomics and class oppression in experiential education programs
  • Universal design and accessibility for people with disabilities
  • Experiential education methodologies that can enhance social justice education
  • Service-learning programs’ support for or dismantling of narratives of privilege
  • Experiential education in the context of rising nationalist and populist movements

See the attached flyer for more information. Questions can be directed to Dr. Karen Warren: Also please contact Dr. Warren if you wish to be considered as a potential reviewer for this issue.

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