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ALL IN Webinar on Fundamentals of Student Organizing

All In Webinar Series image

Thursday, November 9 |  2:00 PM EST  |  60 minutes

Students can be powerful agents of change on their campuses and in their communities. Through organizing, the process of coordinating efforts, they can effectively promote and advocate for the interests of a group of people. Providing students tools, skills, and learning opportunities to become better advocates for change can help create the foundation for them to become lifelong active participants in our democracy, and the next generation of leaders dedicated to solving the country’s most pressing challenges.

Participate in this webinar to hear from experts on how to train students to be successful organizers. Staff from the Andrew Goodman Foundation’s Vote Everywhere program will share how they train student Ambassadors on the fundamentals of impact-oriented campus organizing and voter engagement through the Vote Everywhere program and their yearly National Civic Leadership Training Summit. They will discuss how to best engage students, what topics to cover, and how to structure leadership development activities.


  • Nicole Costa, Vote Everywhere Program Manager, The Andrew Goodman Foundation
  • Kevon Haughton, Vote Everywhere Program Manager, The Andrew Goodman Foundation

Register here.

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