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Engage the Election 2016: Happy Super Tuesday!

“Super Tuesday” is a Tuesday during U.S. presidential election years, typically in March, on which political party members in 15 states vote in primary elections to select their party’s presidential candidate. It’s the day in election season when the most states hold their primary elections or caucuses.

In 2016, Super Tuesday falls on today, March 1st. Voters in 15 states and territories including: Alabama, Alaska, American Samoa, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia and Wyoming. A full list of which are primaries are open or closed elections is available here.

Super Tuesday results strongly influence the number of delegates each presidential candidate will get at their party’s national convention which is itself a strong indicator of who will win the nomination.

Stockton University & Super Tuesday

Stockton University’s (N.J.) ADP and political engagement project are hosting a Super Tuesday watch event tonight to:

  • Learn about the presidential nominating process and the status of the Democratic and Republican contests
  • Watch the returns come in as they make projections and play trivia, with door prizes for winners!

You can follow along on Twitter and Facebook with their hashtag #STKvotes or by following @ADP_SU

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