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AASCU Policy Report on State Policy Proposals to Combat Campus Sexual Assault

The American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) is pleased to present the latest installment from its Policy Matters series.

State Policy Proposals to Combat Campus Sexual Assault

In the past several years, campus sexual assault has emerged as a top-tier student health and safety concern among federal policymakers. Due in part to the considerable visibility to this issue from the Obama administration and Congress, state policymakers have proposed an array of solutions aimed at preventing and effectively responding to sexual assault on college campuses.

This policy brief summarizes the federal role in responding to campus sexual assault and key bills under consideration in Congress on this issue. It then outlines state-level policy responses to campus sexual assault, including affirmative consent requirements, transcript notations, mandatory reporting, and confidential reporting. The paper also includes 10 tables of state legislation and descriptions of bills related to campus sexual assault. It concludes with a reiteration of AASCU’s commitment to preventing campus sexual assault through improved education and outreach, providing robust support services to victims of campus sexual assault, and ensuring equitable and timely disciplinary procedures on these matters.

Authored by the Kati Lebioda, AASCU Assistant Director of State Relations and Policy Analysis

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