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Partner Spotlight: Research on Voting

Roosevelt’s Rewriting the Rules report continues to make waves. They just released new opinion research conducted by Democracy Corps which shows that voters have an overwhelmingly positive response to the Rewriting the Rules frame and agenda. The message of the report – which argues that comprehensive reforms can grow the economy and reduce inequality – fuels enthusiasm for the election among key voting demographics.

The opinion research, based on focus groups and a national poll, shows that likely voters soundly reject trickle-down economics in favor of an agenda to rewrite the rules of the economy, challenge corporate interests that manipulate our political system in their favor, and level the playing field to promote growth. Some key takeaways:

• More than 80 percent agree and nearly 60 percent strongly agree that “the rules of the economy matter and the top 1 percent have used their influence to shape the rules of the economy to their advantage.”
• Voters are skeptical of conservative economic principles. The term “trickle down” is greeted negatively by 45 percent of voters – more than twice the number who react positively.
• Progressive economic proposals are far more popular across the electorate, and that popularity grows when the public hears the Rewriting the Rules narrative. Voters are even more supportive when the agenda starts with reforming the corrupt system of financing politics.
For more information check out the poll memo, slides, and toplines

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