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Partner Spotlight: Imagining America’s new issue of Public

IA Public

Imagining America (IA) is pleased to announce that “Organizing. Culture. Change.” goes live May 14th. The first section grows out of the 2014 IA Conference on the same theme:

  • the keynote, “Words Changing the World: The Power of Personal, Communal, and Allegorical Stories in Bringing Dreams to Reality,” by Doug Shipman;
  • a response to Shipman’s presentation by a cadre of IA PAGE (Publicly Active Graduate Education) Fellows;
  • Erica Kohl-Arenas’ conversation with long-time IA friend and civic engagement leader Harry Boyte and executive director of Alternate ROOTS Carlton Turner; and
  • an inside look at how the 2014 conference was organized by IA associate director Kevin Bott, community organizer Maria Avila, and Emory University faculty member and administrator Vialla Hartfield-Mendez.

This new issue of Public then features a piece by Marion Wilson on the integration of art as social practice with her teaching, followed by a conversation with McArthur winning artist Rick Lowe.

A broad range of case studies provide examples of integrating culture and organizing:

  • “Public Life through a Prison/University Partnership,” by David Coogan;
  • “ART CART: Saving the Legacy” by Joan Jeffri;
  • “Lost Stories and Cultural Patrimony” by Pat Steenland;
  • “Citizen Stories: A New Path to Cultural Change ” by Alexander Olson, Elizabeth Gish, and Terry Shoemaker; and
  • “Reimagine A Lot” by Claudia Paraschiv.

The issue ends with Ben Fink’s review of Harry Boyte’s Democracy’s Education.

You can access the journal at

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  1. Reblogged this on ENGAGE Blog and commented:
    The new issue of Public is now available. This issue is an addendum on the theme of the Imagining America conference: Organizing. Culture. Change.


    May 15, 2015

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