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New National Issues Forum: The Changing World of Work–What Should We Ask of Higher Education?

National Issues Forums Institute
Releases New Issue Guide


The Changing World of Work:
What Should We Ask of Higher Education?

FREE download – For a limited time, this guide is available as a free pdf download for those who would like to be part of this national project by holding community forums for a national report on this issue.

A new issue guide about higher education’s role in society, The Changing World of Work, from the Kettering Foundation and the National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI), explores questions about what role higher education should play in preparing people for the workplace:

There is a pervasive anxiety in America about the future of higher education. Spiraling costs combined with seismic changes in the American workplace raise questions about whether a bachelor’s degree is still worth the cost. In a recent cover story, Newsweek magazine asked: “Is College a Lousy Investment?” For a growing number of Americans, the answer appears to be yes…

The guide presents three possible options for deliberation.

  • Option One: Prepare students for the job market.
  • Option Two: Educate for leadership and change.
  • Option Three: Build strong communities.

Groups, organizations, and individuals planning to hold forums using this issue guide are invited to become part of the conversation and national report by posting forums on the National Issues Forums website calendar. Just sign up for an account, then log in and post your event. Your efforts are appreciated.

Learn more and to order or download these issue materials.

About Deliberation in National Issues Forums
National Issues Forums issue guides are designed to stimulate public deliberation, which is a way of making decisions together that is different from discussion or debate. The purpose of deliberative forums is to inform collective action. As citizens, we have to make decisions together before we can act together, whether with other citizens or through legislative bodies. Acting together is essential for addressing problems that can’t be solved by one group of people or one institution.  These problems have more than one cause and therefore have to be met by a number of mutually reinforcing initiatives with broad public participation.

About the National Issues Forums Institute
The National Issues Forums Institute’s mission is to promote the use of public deliberation in schools, colleges, civic organizations, and religious institutions in the United States. The institute’s members are volunteers drawn from leaders in government, colleges and universities, libraries, civic organizations, the media, and medicine. For more information visit

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