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Professional Development Opportunity: Summer Institute of Civic Studies

The Summer Institute of Civic Studies has announced its dates for 2015. The seventh annual Institute will take place at on Tuft University’s campus in Medford, Mass., June 15-27, 2015.  Peter Levine, Tisch College (Mass.), and Karol Soltan, University of Maryland, have organized this year’s institute, which will feature guest seminars and group discussions centered on the following questions:

  • What kinds of citizens (if any) do good regimes need?
  • What should citizens know, believe and do?
  • What practices and institutional structures promote the right kinds of citizenship?
  • What ought to be the relationships among empirical evidence, ethics and strategy?

This institute is open to advanced graduate students, faculty and practitioners from diverse fields. While the Institute itself is free, attendees are responsible for the cost of housing. Following the Institute, participants are expected to attend the public conference, “Frontiers of Democracy.” If interested, please apply by March 15, 2015. Learn more here.

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