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What We’re Reading: Partnerships: A Journal of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement


Read the latest edition of Partnerships: A Journal of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement, North Carolina Campus Compact’s peer-reviewed, online journal hosted by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Volume 5 Number 2 (2014) includes:


Bridging Borders with Mexico: Creative Strategies to Promote Engaged International Service Learning
Julie Whitaker and Mary Elizabeth Bathum (Edgewood College)           

Food Insecurity and an Urban American Elementary School: Findings and Consequences of a Community-based Research and Service-Learning Project
Carolyn Behrman, Mary Benedetto, Tom Derrig, Barbara Harsh, Elisa Marchione, Leanna Ross, Michael Vimont (University of Akron)                                                                         

Key Elements of Effective Service-Learning Partnerships from the Perspective of Community Partners
Alan Tinkler and Barri Tinkle (University of Vermont), Ethan Hausman (O’Brien Community Center), and Gabe Tufo-Strouse (King Street Center)                                                              

The Adaptive Cycle As a Lens for Service Learning – Community Engagement Partnerships
Caroline M. Berinyuy (University of Virginia), Hallie Eilerts, Marguerite McDaniel and Dillon Chapman (U of Virginia alums), Shirley Pendlebury (University of Cape Town, South Africa), Claudia J. Ford (Antioch University), Robert J. Swap (U of Virginia and North West University, South Africa)                                  


Rural Service-Learning on the Blue Bus: A Retrospective in Hopes of Advancing Transformative Civic Engagement in Higher Education
Eva Meredith Hagenhofer (Milwaukee Area Technical College)                   

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