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Professional Development Opportunity: 2015 Gateway Course Experience Conference

By Sara Stein Koch, Institute Fellow, John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

gardner instituteLast year over 300 faculty, staff and other interested educators came together to focus on improving institutional and student performance in gateway courses – courses that launch students on majors or programs of study. Many of these courses have high failure rates and thus close the door to student progression toward degree.

This year we anticipate another important occasion to share and learn about best practices and promising efforts with gateway courses as we offer the 2015 Gateway Course Experience Conference.

Purposes for attending the conference include:

  • To engage in cross functional discussions about excellence  in teaching, faculty development, and curriculum redesign for high enrollment, high risk gateway courses
  • To inform institution leaders, faculty, and staff about the latest promising practices related to gateway course success.
  • To explore the opportunities to utilize technology such as analytics, early warning systems, academic help labs, and other tools and/or approaches to improve gateway course success
  • To participate in discussions about pre-enrollment placement and preparation strategies for gateway course success
  • To develop further understanding of the body of knowledge about gateway courses and completion

Click here to submit your proposal

Higher education professionals and educators are invited to submit proposals for the Annual Gateway Course Experience Conference. Innovative concurrent session proposals are invited on topics addressing the research, challenges and practices related to gateway courses and student success. Gateway courses are defined as those undergraduate courses with high failure rates.

Proposal Deadline is December 12, 2014.

For questions about proposal submissions, please contact Sara Stein Koch at

Download the Gateway Course Conference Flyer.

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