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#LovinLouisville #3 │Pre-Cons Aplenty

By Stephanie R. South, TDC National Coordinator

Heading to Louisville for #ADPTDC14? Over the next two weeks leading up to our June 5-7 ADP/TDC Joint National Meeting in this City of Compassion, we’ll be highlighting reasons that we’re #LovinLouisville.

Reason #3? Our pre-con sessions!

Prior to the opening plenary session on Thursday (we haven’t told you a lot about that yet, but it’s going to be about the meeting theme—and awesome!), ADP and TDC attendees will come together (from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.) to attend one of the many pre-conference sessions being offered.

A complete list of them follows below. We encourage you to take a look and begin mapping your attack on #ADPTDC14.

Bridging Cultures to Form a Nation—Difference, Community and Democratic Thinking

Co-sponsored by AAC&U and TDC, this interactive pre-conference symposium convenes Bridging Cultures project participants to share their progress, including successes and challenges, and to trade insights about best practices and resources for sustaining their campus work in the last year of the project and beyond. Although this pre-conference session has been designed with our current Bridging Culture grantees in mind, we welcome others who have a high interest in NEH’s Bridging Cultures program to attend.  If you would like to attend this session, please email Stephanie South at

Please note: While this is open to all attendees, it is required for TDC’s Bridging Cultures Grant participants and will focus on them.


Community Learning Partnership—Forging Civic Pathways

To date the Community Learning Partnership (CLP) has developed eight Community Change Studies programs—civic pathways—across the country. This session presents CLP’s approach to establishing civic pathways that engage TDC and ADP campuses in Phoenix, Ariz., Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn. and Detroit, Mich.  Participants learn about how CLP programs are established and about CLP resources and tools available for developing similar programs among TDC and ADP campuses.


Economic Inequality Initiative Steering Committee Meeting

An open planning meeting and organizing session for the first ADP/TDC joint national initiative surrounding economic inequality.

If you haven’t read the call for participation, you can do so here; we are asking for an RSVP on this one.


Election 2014 and Beyond—An i3 (Information, Ideas, and Innovation) Conversation

Join ADP and TDC for a conversation designed to exchange information, ideas and innovations about advancing student electoral and political engagement in this year’s mid-term election cycle and beyond.

Global Engagement Knowledge Exchange

ADP’s Global Engagement Scholars share exciting new elements of their Global Challenges curriculum and participants exchange ideas and information about best practices and lessons learned. If you’re currently teaching about the seven global challenges on your campus or are interested in doing so, this is the session for you!

Organizing Workshop on Citizen Alum

A hands-on introduction to organizing Citizen Alum (CA) campus teams, facilitated by members of CA teams at ADP/TDC institutions. This is an orientation for those interested in alumni as partners in building multi-generational communities of active citizenship and active learning.

To view complete descriptions and register for the meeting, click here.

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