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What We’re Reading: Anchor Dashboard Paper

Our friends at The Democracy Collaborative authored a white paper The Anchor Dashboard, designed to help colleges and universities assess the long-term impact of their programs, initiatives, and economic activity on the well-being of low-income children, families, and communities. The concept of anchor institutions aligns nicely with AASCU’s conception of our member institutions as Stewards of Place (see this 2002 monograph here).

The Dashboard identifies 12 indicators that anchor institutions can use to assess current local conditions and evaluate

institutional progress in aligning their activities with community needs. Made possible by support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the report draws on over 75 in-depth interviews with leaders of anchor institutions, national nonprofit organizations, federal agencies, and community organizations.

The paper will be the centerpiece of an upcoming briefing this fall at the Department of Housing and Urban Development in Washington, DC (rescheduled because of the federal government shutdown). The Anchor Dashboard has been profiled in Next City and on the San Francisco Federal Reserve’s “What Works” website.

Download the report

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