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CIRCLE’s Free Online Seminar RE: Youth Engagement Report

CIRCLE LogoCIRCLE Launches Free Online Seminar to Discuss Youth Engagement Report

In October, we released All Together Now: Collaboration and Innovating for Youth Engagement,” the report of our Commission on Youth Voting and Civic Knowledge. Since then, we have spoken with a wide range of stakeholders interested in improving youth civic and political engagement .

To enhance and broaden those discussions, we have developed a FREE, five-week, open online seminar that will extend research and recommendations from the report.

The seminar will start the week of January 13 and is open to individuals and groups interested in strengthening youth engagement. We welcome and encourage young people, parents, educators, policymakers, youth advocates, researchers, and others to join this learning community.

We hope you will join us, and please share with those in your network whom you think would benefit from the seminar.

For details and sign-up information, go HERE.

Improving Classroom Civic Education: A Reflection Guide for Teachers

All Together Now highlights the importance of civics and government classes in preparing the next generation of knowledgeable and politically engaged Americans. The data for the report included our survey of more than 700 teachers, who responded to questions about their teaching styles and goals, the resources at their disposal, and the level of support they enjoy from their school and community.

We have developed a reflection guide for teachers that includes several noteworthy findings from that teachers’ survey and encourages educators to consider how their experiences are similar—and how they may differ.

The guide also includes specific recommendations from the report and invites teachers to reflect on which ones would or would not work in their classrooms, and to think about any additional resources and support they may need to implement these and other suggestions for improving civic education.

View and download the full teacher reflection guide HERE.

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