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New eJournal of Public Affairs Issue on Social Entrepreneurship

eJournal with tag lineVolume 2, Issue 3 of the eJournal of Public Affairs, a collaborative effort of ADP and Missouri State University, is a special issue on Social Entrepreneurship. This is the first truly multimedia issue and it will, to paraphrase an editorial board member, tug at you both intellectually and emotionally.

This special issue of the eJournal is intended to tap into the multidisciplinary energy and vision of this publication, by focusing on a topic that has the potential to be a “game changer” in higher education: the social entrepreneurship movement. In his recent book, Social Entrepreneurship: A Grassroots Revolution, Keith Campbell argues that the movement is, in some ways, largely uncomplicated. “It involves people who care about some category of people, stepping forward to make a difference. That’s the revolution.” Without doubt, this simple definition envelopes almost all social entrepreneurs, certainly as they understand themselves. Yet this issue aims to provide examples of the ideal – caring for others, turning a profit, making a difference – in order to illuminate the complexities of motivations, engagement, and the contested landscape of definition.

Dec 20, 2013 • Vol 2, Issue 3

Opening Essay
Darrell A. Hamlin

Why We Must All Teach Social Entrepreneurship
Amy Jordan

Community-Engaged Impact Entrepreneurship: Organizing Reciprocal Partnerships for a more Democratic Economy
Brandon Kliewer, Elizabeth Quinter and Sarah Neat

Warm Heart Video
Michael Shafer, Ken Gilmore, Cecilia Orphan and Anne Bannister

Book Review: Learning to Change the World: The Social Impact of One Laptop per Child
Claire Wilker

Feature Videos on Social Entrepreneurship in Springfield, Missouri
Dana Dominguez

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