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Call for Applications: Virtual Mapping of Civic Education in the Americas


Virtual Mapping

With the aim of fostering knowledge and the exchange of practices of policies and programs in civic and citizenship education developed in the Americas among member states of the Organization of American States (OAS), the Inter-American Program on Education for Democratic Values and Practices calls national ministries or secretariats, civil society organizations, universities, civil associations, public and private schools, and researchers whose work focuses on the call’s topic to participate in the Virtual Mapping of Policies, Programs and Initiatives in Civic and Citizenship Education in the Americas by sharing good practices in this field.

Practices gathered through this call will be included in a virtual depository that will increase their visibility and contribute, along with other existing regional and sub regional spaces and mechanisms, to strengthening the actions of other countries to coordinate efforts and cooperate in topics in areas of mutual interest.

In addition to housing the collected practices, this depository will also include research resources on civic and citizenship education, as well as forums, chats and virtual seminaries (webinars) through which interested individuals and institutions may be informed and learn in detail about the various practices, reflect and dialogue about them in order to increase the flow of information and exchange, and democratize the circulation of knowledge in this field. Users will be able to search practices by topic, country or type of practice.

How to participate:

  1. National ministries or secretariats, civil society organizations, universities, civil associations, public and private schools, and researchers that work on the call’s topic must fill out the application form at the end of this document with information about the policy(ies), program(s) or project(s) that have been or are currently being executed in their country.
  1. The application form must be sent in Word or PDF format to the email address by the closing date of the call: October 30, 2013. Only fully completed forms will be taken into consideration. You may also submit an application online through the following link:
  1. Received practices will be organized and systematized to be published in the depository. The launch of the webpage that will house the depository will be announced at the call’s closing date.

For further information or questions, please send an email to Romina Kasman at



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