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The Party: Reason #1 You Should Come to #ADPTDC13

By Stephanie South, Program Associate, AASCU

We’ve spent the last four weeks giving you good reasons (the place, the pre-cons, the people and the plenary sessions) why you should come to the 2013 ADP/TDC National Meeting in Denver from June 6-8, and, on this Thursday, I offer you the final reason: the party.

Now, when I say party, what I really mean is celebration, culmination (but I was really enjoying the alliteration). As Gregg Kaufman, ADP Campus Coordinator and Lecturer at Georgia College, puts it: “The ADP meeting is my annual ‘SuperBowl’ of civic life. I always leave energized.”

Yes, there will definitely be a party—more to come on the closing reception next week and, after all, ADP is turning 10—but what happens at the ADP/TDC meeting as a whole, what all the preceding reasons add up to, is not only worth talking about but worth celebrating.

In early June, over 500 like-minded (and by like-minded I mean civically committed) but incredibly diverse individuals will converge in Denver with the mission of learning ways to do what we all do—informing, engaging, and educating for democracy—even better.

So, if you haven’t already done so, sign up. Be a part of building bridges and solving problems as we come together to discuss the experiences and civic skills needed by today’s college graduates if they are going to be the citizens that we hope they aspire to be.

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