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#ADPTDC13 Sponsor: Introducing GiveGab–The Social Network for Volunteers

We’re excited to introduce ADP campuses to one of our #ADPTDC13 National Meeting Sponsors: GiveGab. GiveGab is a new social network for volunteers and volunteer managers. Two GiveGab representatives will be at our national meeting in Denver, June 6-8, 2013 to talk to you more about their product and to demo it for you. In the meantime, learn more about GiveGab below!

By Linda Hall, Director of Marketing, GiveGab – The Social Network for Volunteers

GiveGab is a social network designed to connect volunteers with nonprofit organizations and volunteer opportunities. GiveGab is a platform for volunteers to create a volunteer portfolio, while interacting with other volunteers with similar skills, interests and passions in a fun and meaningful manner.  Through the use of GiveGab, students, specifically,  can also create a verified co-curricular transcript to use in grad school applications or when seeking employment.

For colleges and universities, we have taken it a step further, allowing them to create an online community to engage their student volunteers  This allows campuses to coordinate the volunteer efforts of their students, faculty, staff and alumni, while also tracking and promoting the hours and accomplishments of their civic engagement efforts to better assess the impact that their college or university has on their community.  For instance, campuses can glean data from the use of GivGab which is essential in the grant writing and award application processes, along with other fundraising efforts. In fact, GiveGab puts the data needed for national distinctions such as the President’s Honor Roll and Carnegie Community Engagement Classification at your fingertips.

To learn more and to create your free school profile, visit

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