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#ADPFF: 4.19.13

By Stephanie South, Program Associate, AASCU

I consider myself to be a bit of a news/blog junkie (as you can imagine, Google Reader coming to an end in the near future is a very sad thing for me, although I am experimenting with Feedly…but I digress), especially regarding foreign policy and national security. I also label myself–on most days–an artist. So something that is quite the opposite of sad and worthy of sharing with you on this #ADPFF is my recent discovery of a blog that combines both of these things.

Drawnward, authored by Caitlin Fitz Gerald (who likes to make art and write about foreign policy, national security and related subjects) is an experiment and fresh approach to something that can be an often hefty and indigestible subject for many of us. I highly recommend giving it a look.

Her most recent post, from earlier this week, is on the subject still weighing heavily on Americans’ hearts and minds today: Boston.

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