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New Reflection Journals on e-Pubs! FREE for faculty and students!

Now on Purdue’s ePubs are two new Service-Learning reflection journals available for download — free!  These academic tools were created to help students with Service-Learning and Academic Community Engagement assignments and projects.

service-learning reflection journalOne of the journals titled Service-Learning Reflection Journal, consisting of more than 100 pages, provides a guide for Service-Learning projects that may last from a few days to a few weeks.  One of the items it offers is a quantitative assessment for the beginning and the end of the Service-Learning project.  The journal has reflection assignments to help prepare for the Service-Learning project, as well as the conclusion of the project. Access the Service-Learning Reflection Journal here.

international journalThe second journal, the International Service-Learning Reflection Journal, is specifically created for international study abroad courses.  It provides pre-entry assignments and re-entry assignments to help with the reflective process.  The journal also has a quantitative assessment for the beginning and end of the project. Access the International Service-Learning Reflection Journal here.

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