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More Technology to Bring Democracy to You…Or Your Classroom

By Stephanie South, Program Associate, AASCU

UntitledRudyard Kipling once said that if history were taught in the form of stories, it would not be forgotten. It seems that one organization is taking his advice when it comes to educating the next generation of American citizens, and it has just launched its new website.

What So Proudly We Hail: Making American Citizens through Literature, an educational resource inspired by a book of the same title, is taking a new approach to civic education. Instead of simply making sure that today’s students come to know the facts of our great American history, What So Proudly We Hail wants them to experience it through great works of literature and rhetoric—short stories, speeches, and songs that reveal American character and American identity.

Available resources include an online curriculum—The newly launched site offers a multitude of resources for anyone interested in learning what it means to be an American and what it takes to be a citizen, including a ten-part curriculum featuring conversation guides for teachers and video conversations, an online library, resources on the American holidays, and more.

You can also check out What So Proudly We Hail on Facebook here.

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