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Student Publication Opportunity: AIDemocracy’s The World Insight

By Stephanie South, ADP Intern

Calling all ADP students who have something to say about U.S. global engagement and foreign policy and wouldn’t mind having a publication to add to their resumes—Americans for Informed Democracy is currently accepting submissions for the next edition of The World Insight, which will be published in late January 2013. The World Insight is a platform for youth to express views on the greatest challenges facing them today, as well as how they can build a better world.

Featuring policy analysis, interviews with young global leaders, leadership tips, and ideas on how to get more involved in building the world the next generation will inherit, The World Insight amplifies the voice and applauds the action of the millennial generation.

Papers for the January publication can be on any topic but must engage with at least two of the following three questions:

1. Why this issue matters to youth
2. Why this is a global issue
3. What the next administration should be doing about it.

Papers should be no longer than 2000 words. December 9 is the deadline for full submissions. If your paper is accepted, editors will work with you to finalize the piece. All edits must be received by December 28.

Final papers and questions can be submitted at

Happy writing!

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