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U.S. Department of Education: Feedback wanted on Road Map for Civic Learning

Below you’ll find a message from the U.S. Department of Education seeking input on the implementation of its Civic Learning Road Map published in January 2012. Please consider sharing your input through the vehicles described below by November 30th. — Jen Domagal-Goldman, National Manager, American Democracy Project

Dear Civic Community,

At a White House event this past January, the Obama Administration released its Road Map for civic learning, “Civic Learning and Engagement in Democracy: A Road Map and Call to Action.”  The Road Map outlines nine steps ED is undertaking to increase civic learning and engagement across our country.

The Civic Learning and Engagement Initiative is requesting feedback from you on how ED should implement 4 of the 9 steps and define “civic learning and engagement”. We encourage educators, practitioners, students, researchers, and any other interested parties to submit thoughtful opinions, ideas, suggestions and comments. Please submit all comments by November 30th to  or post them on directly on the blog.

We envision a nationwide commitment to preparing all students for citizenship as informed, engaged and responsible members of our society.

We hope you can assist us in strengthening our programs and policies to meet this commitment.



Samuel Ryan, Regional & Youth Outreach Associate
Office of Communications and Outreach
U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Ave, SW
Washington, DC 20202
Suite 5E216
Office: (202) 401-1669

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  1. Brent Glass #

    I applaud the roadmap initiative by the Department of Education. One strategy that would improve civic engagement is to promote alliances between educational and cultural institutions. Museums, libraries, performing arts companies, and other cultural institutions are undervalued and underutilized by higher education and K-12 schools. Some partnerships already exist that could be models for the country. The experience of working with a local museum or symphony or historical society provides students and faculty with opportunities to contribute to their community. I recommend that the department launch a series of pilot projects to promote these partnerships.

    Brent D. Glass


    February 15, 2013

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