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eJournal of Public Affairs: Volume 1, Issue 2 is here!

The eJournal of Public Affairs is a Missouri State University publication in partnership with the American Democracy Project. We’re thrilled to share with you the second issue of Volume 1! Learn more about the eJournal in this February 2012 blog post.

Learn about submitting your own manuscript to this peer-reviewed publication here!

Volume 1, Issue 2 | September 2012

Confronting the Careless University

Byron White, Ed.D
Sep 28, 2012 • Volume 1, Issue 2

In a keynote address at the American Democracy Project conference in June of 2012, Byron P. White argued that despite good intentions, there are powerful forces within institutions that “challenge our best efforts at democratic engagement.” He described a series of disconnects between communities and institutions that must be overcome to fulfill the promise of a university that cares about the community in which it is embedded. Because of the importance and timeliness of the address, the editors chose to publish the speech almost as it was given without peer review.

Did I Teach Them That? The Implicit Power of Democratic Education

Paul N. Markham, Ph.D. and Eric Bain-Selbo, Ph.D.
Sep 28, 2012 • Volume 1, Issue 2

This article explores the implications of democratic education, not as isolated classroom exercises or even well-coordinated service projects, but as a general ethos that shapes institutions and subsequently becomes the greatest teacher of democratic values. In this article, the authors reflect on the general state of civic engagement in higher education, make a case for the importance of democratic civic learning, and finally issue a challenge to institutional leaders to think seriously about the environments in which students are educated.

The Painted King: Art, Activism, and Authenticity in Hawai’i

Darrell A. Hamlin, Ph.D.
Sep 28, 2012 • Volume 1, Issue 2

The conservator’s dilemma is the central drama of Glenn Wharton’s “The Painted King: Art, Activism, and Authenticity in Hawai’i.” Grounded in professional expertise, which presumes that a valued yet deteriorating object is possessed of an identifiable nature, conservators are guided by a core value to preserve objective essence through a restoration of the creator’s original expression. Success is achieved by employing the historian’s commitment to contextualized facts, a scientist’s technical skills of chemistry and engineering, and the subjective magic of the arts. students are educated.

“The eJournal of Public Affairs” Multimedia Program

Andrew P. Lokie, Jr and Dana Dominguez
Sep 28, 2012 • Volume 1, Issue 2

“In 1995, the Missouri State legislature authorized Missouri State University’s public affairs mission. Now, in collaboration with the American Democracy Project, we are inaugurating a renewed Journal of Public Affairs. To celebrate our transition online, we have renamed it The eJournal of Public Affairs.” This MSU promo was the result of an eJournal collaboration that included Marc Cooper, Kristie Reynolds, Rachelle Darabi, studio work at the FCTL, and talents from Dana Dominguez. This project represents the launching of multimedia formatted programs on the eJournal website.

ADP TDC 2012 Conference/Meeting Proceedings

Jennifer M. Domagal-Goldman, Ph.D.
Sep 28, 2012 • Volume 1, Issue 2

More than 500 faculty members, students, administrators, and representatives from our national partner organizations gathered in San Antonio, Texas for the second ADP/TDC National Meeting, June 7-9, 2012. The theme of the meeting was “Civic Engagement 2.0: Re-Imagining, Strengthening and Deepening Our Civic Work.” At this year’s meeting, attendees reported enjoying the dynamic energy created by the large number of students that attended the ADP conference. All told, 95 students attended the ADP National Meeting.

ADP TDC 2012 Abstracts

Marc Cooper and Andrew P. Lokie, Jr
Sep 28, 2012 • Volume 1, Issue 2

Scholars presented a wide array of projects at the June 2012 meeting of ADP. The editors have selected several abstracts (not peer reviewed) from ADP schools including Georgia Perimeter College, Tufts University (CIRCLE), Delta College, Illinois State University, and California State University, Chico to illustrate the wide variety of projects which were described and discussed at the meeting.

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