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Call for Papers: The Educational Forum Themed Issue on Global Citizenship, Digital Democracy & The Classroom


Call for Papers for Themed-Issue v.77 n.4 – Fall 2013

Theme: Global Citizenship, Digital Democracy and the Classroom

The Educational Forum, Kappa Delta Pi’s premier educational research journal, is seeking articles for its upcoming Fall 2013 themed issue on “Global Citizenship and Digital Democracy” and its relationship to teaching, learning and other major educational dimensions. The Educational Forum is an international peer-reviewed journal whose mission is to “publish compelling research findings and thought-provoking perspectives as a catalyst for stimulating and encouraging research and dialogue and for advancing and transforming education.”

The Educational Forum is seeking original empirical research and conceptual essays that explore ways of understanding and addressing skills and concepts related to “Global Citizenship and Digital Democracy.” Each of these terms has contested and evolving meanings in a context of rapidly developing networks and technologies that challenge traditional boundaries for political expression and action, warranting close consideration.

“How do we teach for global citizenship?” and “What do the possibilities of digital democracy mean for educational settings from pre-K to adult learning?” are not rhetorical questions. Rather, these inquiries are a gateway to several practice-rooted and theoretical questions about the activities, insights, dispositions and dialogues that construct trans-global learning goals and emerging platforms. Some of these questions include:

  • In what ways is (and perhaps isn’t) Global Citizenship a shared goal for teachers, students, researchers and educational practitioners in 24 time zones, two hemispheres and one planet?
  • In what ways are advances in technology shaping new understandings and modalities for democratic engagement?
  • How do the themes and skills associated with Global Citizenship and Digital Democracy translate across curricular content areas?
  • What research is needed to advance education for Global Citizenship and Digital Democracy as well as related fields such as Peace Education, Human Rights Education and Civic Engagement?

Papers that address the reciprocal relationship of “Global Citizenship and Digital Democracy” to classroom practices are of particular interest. For full and specific instructions to authors, including page lengths and formats, please visit our web link at:

Submission deadline: February 15, 2013

Submissions must be made at

Note to authors: Please include the code 774  at the beginning of the title of your submission for this issue.

For more information on The Educational Forum, please visit the journal’s webpage:

Contact either Academic Editor Dr. Alan Amtzis at or
Managing Editor Carrie Gaffney at carrie@kdp.orgwith additional questions.


You’ll find a printable copy of this Call for Papers here.

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