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Campus Spotlight: NASPA recognizes ISU as one of 25 Lead Civic Engagement Institutions

Story re-posted from ISU’s Daily Vidette Online

Twenty-five universities and colleges in the nation receive recognition each year for their civic learning leadership — and ISU is proud to announce the University is one.The National Association of Student Personnel Administrators recently recognized ISU.

The designation as a Leadership Institution is given to universities that encourage students to participate in civic engagement and offer students the opportunity to be active citizens, volunteers and leaders in their communities.

“It means a great deal,” Larry Dietz, Vice President of Student Affairs, said. “[NASPA] represents 4,000 colleges and universities, so for them to look at what we’re doing and select us as only one of 25 of those 4,000, we feel very flattered to be in that company.”

Dietz said this recognition gave ISU an opportunity to look at the ways the University looked at and encouraged civic engagement.

“It’s a chance to tell our story as an institution. We’re challenging ourselves to do even better,” he said. “We’re delighted about this.”

One of ISU’s core values is civic engagement. The University is the first in Illinois to name that as one of its values and is also the first to include civic engagement as an option for a minor.

“I think when we devote that kind of time, energy and importance to a value, it’s very easy to line up behind [it],” Dietz explained.

One opportunity is to become involved with ISU’s chapter of the American Democracy Project, which, according to the website, “is designed to serve as a catalyst for programmatic changes that will ensure all Illinois State students are fully prepared to assume a responsible role as contributors to civic society.”

ISU has also recently begun a new service-based certification program called ISULeads.

ISULeads gives students an opportunity to participate in events and activities within three pillars.

In the civic engagement pillar, students will become active citizens through volunteer work. The global perspective pillar will help students develop a sense of social justice. The leadership pillar will help students develop critical, creative, communication and relationship-building skills.

Students who complete all three pillars are awarded an ISULeads certificate.

Dietz explained that the certificate has value for students because involved students are more likely to finish their college degrees, and it also prepares them to be civic leaders once they graduate and move into the job market.

“We want to be able to produce folks that are competent in their discipline but also can assume their appropriate role in a town, to basically provide the leadership it needs,” he said.

Dietz said that though the upcoming presidential election does affect the amount of activity that universities see in the area of civic engagement, it is not the reason that ISU has such a sharp focus on it.

You’ll find the original story here:
ISU Named a Lead Institution in Civic Engagement
Written by Elizabeth Brei, Daily Vidette Senior Staff
Tuesday, 21 August 2012 16:29

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