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What We’re Reading: Bringing Theory to Practice’s Civic Provocations Monograph

The Bringing Theory to Practice Project just announced the publication of Civic Provocations, a monograph in their Civic Series edited by Barry Checkoway. Civic Provocations, edited by Donald W. Harward is a collection of “informal essays, provocations, that support and deepen inclusive and intentional campus-based consideration of an institution’s own civic mission and the civic mission of higher education today.”

Take a look at pages XV and XVI for the “Civic Seminar Thoughts and Recommendations” contribution by AASCU’s George Mehaffy.

This monograph features 13 “provocations” by leading civic scholars and institutional leaders; the essays are intended to stimulate dialogue and action on the campus level. Civic Provocations is divided into four parts:

  • Part 1: Provocations: The Nature and Current Relevance of Attending to the Civic
  • Part 2: Provocations: Probing Dimensions of the Civic
  • Part 3: Provocations: Implications of Considering the Civic as a Core Aspect of the Mission of Higher Education
  • Part 4: Campus Civic Seminars

A Civic Seminar is outlined in the monograph. Funding opportunities are available for Civic Seminars to stimulate campus discussions and subsequent actions. Application information is available here.


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