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eJournal of Public Affairs logo designed by Missouri State University Student

This story is re-posted from Missouri State University’s Arts & Letters Expressions February 24, 2012 blog by Phillip George, which you can view here.

Kyle Rutherford, a design student majoring in graphic design and illustration, submitted the wordmark logo that has been chosen for the University’s new eJournal of Public Affairs. Students in Maria Michalczyk’s Advanced Typography class (DES 331) submitted a total of 18 entries, each presenting their entry to eJournal staff and the associate provost of student development and public affairs. After staff chose Rutherford’s logo, he assisted them in designing the journal’s website, consulting on issues of design choice and user-friendliness.

The eJournal of Public Affairs is a partnership between Missouri State University and the American Democracy Project. It is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary, open-access journal published by the University to provide a nationally-refereed venue for scholarly work oriented toward public affairs. You can read articles from the first issue online.

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