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ADP partners with the Earth Day Network’s MobilizeU to help make Every Day, Earth Day

The American Democracy Project is proud to announce a partnership with the Earth Day Network’s MobilizeU project. MobilizeU is a month-long effort to engage campus communities around four weeks of meaningful environmental efforts, from March 29-April 29, 2012. The Earth Day Network’s goals of scaling-up and sustaining longer-term environmental initiatives is in keeping with ADP’s efforts to make civic learning and engagement more central to our campus missions and work: rather than merely celebrating Earth Day, we can engage our campuses and communities in efforts to make our communities more healthy and sustainable on and before Earth Day, and every day.

I hope you’ll join us!

Jen Domagal-Goldman, National Manager, American Democracy Project


By Carra Cheslin, Earth Day University Campaign Coordinator, Earth Day Network

College and university students have consistently been at the forefront of the environmental movement, rallying and taking a stand for our planet. 2012 will be a critical year for the environment; as our climate and natural environment are rapidly changing, a host of major national elections occur, and the prominent Rio+20 Summit on Sustainable Development takes the world stage. Thus the time is now for universities to again lead the way in creating environmental change.

As part of Earth Day Network’s global effort to Mobilize The Earth™, Earth Day University is activating college students to join the MobilizeU movement and enable their campus environmental initiatives to have a greater impact than ever before.

MobilizeU is an international competition between colleges and universities that calls upon students to mobilize their campus communities around four weeks of environmental activism surrounding Earth Day 2012 (March 29 – April 29). Over the month-long competition, students will organize activities such as campus clean-ups, new voter registration drives and Earth Day events, as well as amplify environmental initiatives they are already working on at their schools.

Each of these activities will be broken down into a calculable number of “acts of green” – actions that either educate someone about the environment or reduce an individual’s carbon footprint. During each week of the competition, School Coordinators from each participating university will report the number of acts of green they generated and post a creative photo or video documenting their efforts to the MobilizeU Facebook hub. A central objective of MobilizeU is to build an international movement of student environmental activists. Thus, student Regional Coordinators will be working to initiate an exchange of ideas as well as a sense of community between students across the world.

Every act of green generated during MobilizeU will contribute to Earth Day Network’s global A Billion Acts of Green® initiative which will be presented to world leaders at the Rio+20 Summit on Sustainable Development this June. Thus, MobilizeU provides a platform for college students to amplify their environmental initiatives on an international level have a significant influence on global environmental change.

Students: Join the movement and Mobilize your U today as a Regional Coordinator or a School Coordinator.

You can view the MobilizeU YouTube video here.

You can download the MobilizeU Toolkit MobilizeU Tooklit.

Contact for more information.

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