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Introducing Amee Bearne: The New National Coordinator for The Democracy Commitment

By Jen Domagal-Goldman, National Manager, American Democracy Project

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, ADP’s new sister project, The Democracy Commitment (TDC) was in need of a National Coordinator. The Democracy Commitment is a national civic engagement project for community colleges, modeled after ADP. We partnered with The Democracy Commitment this past spring in sharing our national meeting. Through a combination of a gift from the Rappaport Foundation and membership fees from community colleges that have joined the TDC project thus far, The Democracy Commitment is funding a Program Associate-level position at AASCU.

Well, today I am pleased to announce that we have identified the new National Coordinator for The Democracy Commitment. Amee Bearne jumped right in by joining us for TDC’s national launch event at The New York Times last Friday, November 4. Amee officially started her new position this week and has plans to attend TDC regional events being planned in Massachusetts and Texas in the next couple of weeks. Amee comes to us with the unique vantage point of having attended first a founding signatory of TDC, Santa Monica College, and then graduating with her BA in political science from San Francisco State University, a founding ADP member and AASCU institution. Amee will work alongside George Mehaffy and me here at AASCU in Washington, D.C. to develop this fledgling project and to strengthen the partnership between TDC and ADP. We are very excited that Amee has joined our team at AASCU and that is ready to help TDC grow and flourish!

Amee and the many other members of The Democracy Commitment will join us in San Antonio, June 7-9 2012 for our ADP National Meeting. Please be sure to welcome her and introduce yourself!

Please read below as Amee introduces herself more fully.

Amee, Adam and Abe

By Amee Bearne

I am thrilled by the opportunity to work with The Democracy Commitment. Having just moved to the Washington, D.C. area from San Francisco in late August, it is such a privilege to find an organization where I can further my passions in civic engagement and strengthening higher-education infrastructure.

In San Francisco, I worked with the Institute for Civic & Community Engagement employing civic engagement tools and policy and data analysis skills toward the betterment of District 11. I also worked in the office of District 11 Supervisor John Avalos as the liaison between a newly formed community organization representing half the district and the supervisor’s office. My work included BART line and station renovations, building social capital between communities and local colleges and universities, and presenting Census data analysis to inform city officials of needs of the district’s vulnerable populations.

Interestingly, I attended Santa Monica College in Los Angeles, an early signatory of The Democracy Commitment, and later transferred to San Francisco State University, a founding signatory for the American Democracy Project, where I earned my B.A. in Political Science. During my time with SFSU, I studied abroad for one year in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom at Cardiff University. While there I met a fantastic fellow named Adam from Glasgow, Scotland who became my best friend. We were married in early August of this year.

Informally, I like to read on the train, mix Neapolitan ice cream flavors together, ride my bike, make waffles from scratch, picnic at the seaside, play community softball, drink good beer, talk about all things Harry Potter and stay in bed all weekend. Rarely do these things actually happen.

I look forward to working with the students, faculty, and staff that comprise The Democracy Commitment and I am excited about the important work we have before us.

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