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Theater and Global Change

Below is an opportunity for faculty and staff and other friends of the American Democracy Project to experience a continuing education course offered through our partners the University of Minnesota Duluth and The New York Times Knowledge Network. Seven Revolutions Scholars William Payne of the University of Minnesota Duluth has put together a dynamic Theater and Global Change course based on the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ 7 Revolutions content. This course is a great example of in the incorporation of 7 Revolutions content into course within a specific discipline. Here’s your chance to experience the 7 Revolutions being taught by one of our 7 Revolutions Scholars!

— Jen Domagal-Goldman, National Manager, American Democracy Project

Theater and Global Change Course

By Bill Payne, 7 Revolutions Scholar and Interim Dean of Fine Arts, University of Minnesota Duluth

The American Democracy Project’s Seven Revolutions Initiative has reached thousands of students over the past four years. The need to educate globally competent citizens is being met by Seven Revolution Scholars across AASCU institutions thanks to this initiative.

You might have heard about or experienced the 7Revolutions movement at the ADP national meeting in Orlando last summer. Right now you can see what the buzz is all about by enrolling in Theater and Global Change Part II on the New York Times Knowledge Network.

This course, designed and delivered by Seven Revolutions Scholar William Payne of the University of Minnesota Duluth, inspects the seven major global trends covered by the 7R curriculum through the study of dramatic literature. Theater and Global Change Part II includes a review of the first four revolutions (Population, Resource Management, Technology, and Information Flow) and a guided experience with Economic Integration through the play Fences by August Wilson, Conflict/Security via Othello by William Shakespeare, and Governance by way of Antigone by Sophocles. The course features live web sessions with Dr. Willie Redmond, Seven Revolutions Scholar from Southeast Missouri State, George Mehaffey from AASCU and the American Democracy Project, and the Chief Theater Critic of The New York Times, Ben Brantley.

The online course is now open, with the first live web session happening next Tuesday, October 18th. The whole experience lasts about three weeks, ending November 10, 2011. Part I of the course, offered in May and June of 2011, had participants from Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, and around the United States. Please join this global community and inspect the major trends that are shaping our future.

For more information about the Theater and Global Change course, click here.

For more information about ADP’s 7 Revolutions Initiative, click here.

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