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Announcing the John Saltmarsh Award for Emerging Leaders in Civic Engagement

By George L. Mehaffy, American Democracy Project, AASCU

In an effort to recognize, support, and encourage the next generation of leaders in the civic engagement movement, the American Democracy Project has established a new award for emerging leaders civic engagement, the John Saltmarsh Award for Emerging Leaders in Civic Engagement.  The award was named in John’s honor to recognize a lifetime passion of his, thinking about and preparing the next generation of civic leaders.

The award will be presented annually at the ADP conference.  The first annual John Saltmarsh Award for Emerging Leaders in Civic Engagement was presented to Cecilia M. Orphan at the 2011 American Democracy Project National Meeting in Orlando, FL.  As most of you know, Cecilia leaves AASCU and the American Democracy Project after five years to begin a doctoral program in higher education at the University of Pennsylvania.

In order to provide support for the Award in the future, the royalties from the new book edited by John Saltmarsh and Matthew Hartley (“To Serve a larger Purpose”: Engagement for Democracy and the Transformation of Higher Education, Temple University Press) are being donated in full to the award.  I urge you to consider buying the book, not only for its content but also because your purchase of the book will help ensure the sustainability of the award.  You can order the book though Temple University Press website by clicking this weblink.  I also hope you will share this link with colleagues.

A special thanks to William Plater, the Executive Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Faculties Emeritus at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, who generously supported this first year’s award.  I look forward to our work in recognizing and encouraging the next generation of civic leaders through this wonderful new award.

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  1. Congratulations John. This is incredible!


    June 21, 2011

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