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The ADP National Meeting in Orlando is Virtual – June 2-4, 2011 #ADPS11

By Cecilia M. Orphan, National Manager, American Democracy Project

The theme of this year’s meeting, Beyond Voting: Active Citizenship in the New Era, poses the following set of questions: What does it mean to be an active citizen? How does online technology shape our citizenship behaviors? Are there generational differences in how we think about citizenship? What are the key citizenship behaviors and skills that students should possess by the time they graduate? What are the signature pedagogies and practices that encourage students to become active citizens? During our meeting in Orlando, we will explore effective strategies to engage citizens in civic work with these questions in mind.

The 2011 American Democracy Project National Meeting will host featured sessions, small and large workshops, a new “View from 30,000 Feet” series, spectacular keynote addresses, a Game of Politics Simulation, a National Issues Forum, and a robust set of concurrent sessions.

In addition to these special program features and because of the success of our eCitizenship: New Tools, New Strategies, New Spaces initiative, we have added online dimensions to the ADP National Meeting in Orlando. We are using a suite of online tools to share resources and connect people at the meeting. Please see below for a list of our social networking tools and remember to  connect with your colleagues! And if you are not able to join us in Orlando, use these tools to follow the meeting.

ADP Meeting Wiki:  You will find the full meeting program, suggested pre-reading, and PowerPoint presentations on this wiki on the ADP Meeting Wiki. To view the wiki, visit this website.

ADP National Meeting Twitter Hash Tag:  #ADPS11 Follow the ADP National Meeting on Twitter: #ADPS11 . Go to Twitter and search “#ADPS11” (don’t forget the pound (#) sign!). If you feel inspired, sign up for a Twitter account and Tweet your comments and questions. Remember to include the #ADPS11 in your comment and it will show up in our ADP National Meeting stream. People who aren’t able to join us in Orlando will be following along remotely using Twitter. While you’re at it, follow ADP on Twitter!

ADP YouTube ChannelWe are encouraging participants to upload portions of the meeting that they capture. If you capture video of the ADP National Meeting, remember to link it to the ADP YouTube page.

ADP Facebook: Become a fan of ADP on Facebook and connect with your colleagues before the meeting! Post comments and thoughts about the meeting on our wall. Be sure to use the meeting hash tag when you post comments on our wall (#ADPS11).

ADP Blog: I will also do some live blogging during the meeting so be sure to check the blog June 2-4, 2011, for blog stories about the meeting.

See you in Orlando!

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  1. [Second attempt]
    Great set of social networking tools for your meeting! I with you Godspeed especially on the live feed, as an experienced viewer of other conferences, technical problems were common.

    Look forward to following you.



    May 27, 2011

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