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ADP Partners with the National Conference on Citizenship for a Second Year

By Cecilia M. Orphan, National Manager, American Democracy Project

In 2010, NCoC worked with partners across the country to produce Civic Health Index reports in 13 states and four cities. In 2011 and beyond, it is their goal to continue to help define modern citizenship for the nation. By working with local partners across the country this data helps to bring clarity and a renewed sense of purpose that empowers average citizens to make a difference in their communities. A few ADP campuses partnered with NCoC to release Civic Health Indexes for their states. To read more about one campus’s experience, visit this website.

Therefore, to continue to build the movement, NCoC seeks research/academic institutions within the ADP network to serve as local partners to cooperatively produce and release Civic Health Index reports in all 50 states and 100 communities. By joining this coalition, you too can help policymakers, business leaders, and civic leaders in their quest to drive social and economic progress.

The roles for partners are simple: NCoC manages the survey, working group, research, analysis, design and publication, while the local partner helps write the report (giving a local context to the key findings), organizes a local release event (including being the exclusive local spokesperson), and secures funds for the customized Civic Health Index report.

Now in its 65th year of operation, NCoC is the only nonprofit chartered by the US Congress to promote active civic participation, making it uniquely positioned to elevate the dialogue on the link between public policy and civic engagement. Thus, NCoC’s high-impact mission presents a unique opportunity to help communities foster change.

Please let contact me if you or someone you know would be interested in becoming an official state or city partner on the 2011 Civic Health Index reports. I will send you the 2011 Partnership Overview and the Proof of Impact Summary. These important documents highlight the specifics around funding, timeline, deliverables, and the value proposition of moving forward with the initiative.

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