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eCitizenship Campus Highlight: Towson University’s Freedom Square

By Guest Blogger Darcy Accardi, Towson University

On Monday, Towson University (TU) launched a new interactive website whose purpose is to engage the TU campus community, and especially students, in conversations about current events and social, political and economic issues. Click here to visit TU’s Freedom Square.

The inspiration for this site comes from Towson’s participation in ADP’s eCitizenship: New Tools, New Strategies, New Spaces initiative. You will find three different interactive sections on this site that allow students, faculty and staff to comment and discuss various topics:

  • The Question of the Week, which will coincide with the Question of the Week written on the chalkboards at Freedom Square
  • Pawprints, an area for discussions about current news; this will be especially useful for faculty using the Pawprints Campus Newspaper program in their courses
  • Online Town Hall, a web platform that allows for an online poll of public opinion

There are some additional features to the site as well.  This site was a joint effort that involved input from the TU Student Government Association, in particular Elliot Glotfelty, the Director of Civic Engagement; the Political Engagement Subcommittee, chaired by Dr. Jim Roberts; and the department of Civic Engagement. I would like to thank Sharyn Kuczka and Bobbie Laur from DECO, who actually built the site and turned our ideas into reality.

Check back often, as new content will be updated at least twice a week. Also, if you have ideas for news and/or particular issues we should post for comment, feel free to send them to me.

For more information about TU’s Freedom Square, please email Darcy Accardi.

For more information about the eCitizenship initiative, please visit this website.

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