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Community-Campus Partnerships for Health Annual Award

Taken from CCPH website with a brief into by Cecilia M. Orphan.

I hope many ADP campuses will consider applying for this award. Because ADP schools focus on their role as stewards of the local community and democracy, they are a natural fit for the CCPH award. – Cecilia

From the CCPH Website:

The Community-Campus Partnerships for Health Award recognizes exemplary partnerships between communities and higher educational institutions that build on each other’s strengths to improve higher education, civic engagement, and the overall health of communities.

The intent of the award is to highlight the power and potential of community-campus partnerships as a strategy for social justice. The award recognizes partnerships that are striving to achieve the systems and policy changes needed to overcome the root causes of health, social and economic inequalities.

Through the CCPH Award we seek to recognize community-
campus partnerships that:

  • Others can aspire to.
  • Embody the CCPH principles.
  • Pursue multiple community-campus partnership strategies.
  • Involve a full range of partners.
  • Achieve significant outcomes that go beyond a process or a single event.


Nominations for the 2011 CCPH Annual Award are due by midnight eastern time (U.S.) on Friday February 4, 2011. Partnerships may nominate themselves and need not be members of CCPH.  Nominations in English are welcome from anywhere in the world.  For complete nomination guidelines, click here.

Call for Nominations for Annual CCPH Award
Past CCPH Award Recipients
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the CCPH Award
Summary of Review Comments
For More Information


Questions about the CCPH Award should be sent to

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