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Arizona, North Carolina, and Missouri Release Civic Health Index Reports

By Cecilia M. Orphan, National Manager, American Democracy Project

This release was taken from the NCoC website. I’m excited to announce that Missouri State University (an ADP chapter school) collaborated on the Missouri Civic Health Index!

In conjunction with our local partners, NCoC is honored to announce the release of the first 3 of 17 local Civic Health Index reports.

The Arizona Civic Health Index, released September 23rd in partnership with the Center for the Future of Arizona, provides a detailed look at the serious disconnect between Arizona citizens, their elected leaders and their neighbors.

Important gaps in civic participation were identified in the North Carolina Civic Health Index, including that the state’s young people are the least civically engaged of any group. This report was produced by a coalition of organizations convened by the North Carolina Civic Education Consortium and released October 23.

The Missouri Civic Health Index finds blue-collar job loss may weaken the economic foundation that allows for civic participation. Missouri State University joined us in releasing this report on October 26.

Each report includes recommendations for individuals, policymakers, educators, and community organizations about how to improve the civic health of their state.

Read more: Arizona Civic Health Index

Read more: North Carolina Civic Health Index

Read more: Missouri Civic Health Index (Missouri State University ADP Chapter collaborated on this report.)



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