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Can Gaming Save the World? Project Evoke Thinks So

Project Evoke is an online game developed by by the World Bank,  infoDEV and Jane McGonigal  (the creative director). The game is a new and exciting way to help young people practice problem-solving skills for real-world problems.
“It goes beyond the realms of any game that merely entertains using graphics and active player participation, because it incorporates aspects that one would not usually associate with gaming; social awareness and education. Described as a ‘ten week crash course to save the world,’ Evoke is a platform that encourages various young individuals from around the world to collectively create solutions to social challenges plaguing many continents, specifically Africa.” (Quote taken from this article.)
Please see below for more information and consider sharing this wonderful game with your students.
EVOKE is a ten-week crash course in changing the world.

It is free to play and open to anyoneanywhere.

The goal of the social network game is to help empower young people all over the world, and especially young people in Africa, to come up with creative solutions to our most urgent social problems.

Players who successfully complete 10 game challenges will be able to claim their honors: Certified EVOKE Social Innovator – Class of 2010.

Top players will also earn online mentorships with experienced social innovators and business leaders from around the world,seed funding for new ventures, and travel scholarships to share their vision for the future at the EVOKE Summit in Washington DC. (Learn more about these rewards.)

EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

EVOKE is for all ages; recommended age 13 and up.

Learn the five secrets of the EVOKE Network.
Plus: Find out how to play the game from a mobile phone.

Visit the Project Evoke website today and get in the game!

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