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From the Classroom to the Polling Site

ADP participant, Missouri Western State University, received a grant from the Election Assistance Commission to create a guide for creating service-learning student poll worker projects that are integrated into the classroom. This guide will be distributed throughout Missouri in the hopes that it will encourage academic institutions to engage their students in the 2010 midterm elections. The guide is called, “From the Classroom to the Polling Site: College Student Poll Worker Service Learning Project Manual.”

As part of a grant from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, colleges and universities throughout Missouri are being asked to participate in the College Student Poll Worker Service Learning Project. The focus is on encouraging students in your classrooms to serve as poll judges as part of a service learning class project designed to achieve two things: 1) enhance students’ understanding of the election process and value of their right to vote, and 2) increase the population of skilled poll workers at a time when the transition from paper to electronic registration and voting requires poll workers with technology talents.

Missouri has the opportunity to lead the nation in utilizing students via the Student Poll

Worker project to generate a pool of willing and able poll workers, and we encourage all colleges and universities in the state to participate. It’s easy. This manual will give professors and other education officials all the information they need to incorporate the College Student Poll Worker Service Learning Project into college and university courses. The manual addresses the following key content areas:

  1. Information about starting a College Student Poll Worker Service Learning Project on your campus.
  2. Curriculum modules to be included in any class.
  3. Ideas for working with your County Clerk or the Election Board official who oversees voting in your community.
  4. Evaluation instruments to measure outcomes related to student engagement.
  5. Ideas for recruiting students outside of the classroom for a service learning project.

All of the materials contained in this manual can be used as is or adapted for your classes. Although the guide is specific to Missouri, there are a lot of valuable and interesting approaches to involving college students in the midterm elections. Please visit this website to view the guide in its entirety.

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