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This Constitution Day, Watch NCoC: Live!

By Kristen Cambell of National Conference on Citizenship

The 65th Annual National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC) is taking place September 17, 2010 at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Themed “BIG Citizenship: Citizens as Catalysts and Innovators,” the conference will explore the powerful role civic innovators are playing in fostering societies that are informed, engaged, giving and trusting.

This theme was inspired by the recognition that individuals everywhere are self-organizing to meet community needs, demanding transparency and accountability from government, and greater social responsibility from corporations.

As ADP campuses are well aware, September 17 is Constitution Day. For schools looking to further their important conversations about the role of citizenship and civic engagement in 21st Century society, NCoC can provide programming for campuses across the country. The conference will be streamed live online and we invite ADP campuses to watch and virtually engage with us:

  • Tweet your questions and comments with #NCoC and every time we open the stage for questions, we’ll take the first one from Twitter. Send @NCoC a tweet and let us know you’re watching, and we’ll add you to our official participants list.
  • Blog about the Conference, and we’ll link to it. Want to be an official NCoC Blogger? Email me.
  • Snap photos or video and share them on our Facebook page. We’ll make sure to incorporate them into our Conference wrap-up, and could use them in our annual report or website discussions.

Visit for more details. If your class decides to tune in, let me know, and NCoC will give a shout out to your school!

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