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Imagining America Research Study – Respondents Needed

Research Study: Publicly Engaged Scholars: Aspirations and Decisions of Graduate Students and Early Career Publicly Engaged Scholars and Artists in the Cultural Disciplines

Written by Tim Eatman, Imagining America Director of Research and Principal Investigator for this study.

Does your work involve community engagement and knowledge creation? Share your experience and make your voice heard through a national survey of people like you.

Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public life (IA) is conducting an exploratory mixed methods research study on the life and work of self-identified publicly engaged scholars. We seek additional respondents for participation in the survey portion of the study in order to enhance the response rate and data richness. Participants from higher education associations and partners include the International Association for Research on Service Learning and Community Engagement (IARCSLCE) graduate student network, Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), Campus Compact, The Association for Integrative Studies (AIS), Ernest Lynton Faculty Award for the Scholarship of Engagement and several other networks and graduate programs that focus on the development of publicly engaged scholars in a variety of disciplines. This work is being developed in partnership with the New England Resource Center for Higher Education (NERCHE) – Next Generation Engagement Project.

This investigation pivots upon four major questions:

1)      Profile – How can we characterize publicly engaged scholars in the cultural disciplines (arts, humanities & design) as well as within and across other disciplines?

2)      Practice – How does graduate education prepare students to become publically engaged scholars?

3)      Pathways – What professional pathways exist for publicly engaged scholars and artists?

4)      PAGE – How does the IA Publicly Active Graduate Education (PAGE) program impact the academic experiences of participants regarding the development of their publicly engaged work?

The target population is current graduate students and early career scholars loosely defined as up to five (5) years from completion of graduate work (including Masters, Professional and/or Doctoral). However, we will are glad to have input from any self-identified publicly engaged scholars regardless of career stage or discipline.

If you know of individuals who would be interested in taking the survey the research team would appreciate receiving their names and e-mail addresses, so they can be invited to participate. Most respondents take approximately twenty minutes to complete the six-part instrument (one section is exclusively for participants in PAGE). Each respondent will receive a unique web link for access to the online survey according to the IRB agreement. Please send information and/or inquires directly to Timothy K. Eatman, Ph.D. (, Imagining America Director of Research and Principal Investigator for this study.

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